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Who we are

We eat, breathe and sleep with culture at sparks & honey.

It’s always on – and so are we.

Our 24/7 culture newsroom never takes a day off.

What we do
now . next . future

We open minds and create possibilities through cultural intelligence. 


We bring together people and platforms to make change visible and  help brands

and organizations be culturally relevant.


We radically improve the speed and relevance of creative ideas, product

development, and innovation.


We help brands and organizations anticipate, adapt, and propel themselves

into the future.


How we do it

Our Cultural Intelligence System is made up of four components:







At the heart of the Cultural Intelligence System is the sparks & honey Cultural Database, containing data points and signals sourced from data feeds, our multi-disciplinary teams based in New York, Chicago and LA, and our Human Network that surrounds our agency.


During our Daily Culture Briefing, we analyze & synthesize signals from the last 24-48 hours in culture to track change, identify emerging patterns and trends and apply real-time insights for clients and our research reports.

Watch the video below to get a sense of our signature Daily Culture Briefing.


Our clients

We work with a wide array of clients in both public and private sectors from Fortune 500 organizations to think tanks and government sectors. To really understand change, it's essential to be able to make connections across all these different areas.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

How we scale intelligence

Our Human Network is an integral part of our intelligence system. We don’t rely solely on data, machine learning and algorithms; we combine data inputs and technology with human intelligence, quant and qual - to get the best from "man and machine".


We scale this capability by inviting leading edge innovators across multiple industries (Influencer Advisory Board) and curious, connected individuals across the globe ( Scout Network) to spot, share, understand and

validate trends. 

y .   











The network provides them and us with a direct pipeline to the edge of culture where change happens. As you can see, we have some of the smartest people on the planet in our Human Network.


And we're inviting you to become part of it. 

Become a scout
Is "Curiosity" your middle name?
Are you intoxicated by the romance of the unusual and the edgy? 
Do you live with an open mind, exhilarated by new ideas and the joy of learning ? 
Then, we'd like you to join our Human Network as a Scout. 
In exchange for a few minutes of your day (under an hour a week)
to share fringe signals and edgy trends you spot as you go about your life, 
And...if you really rock it as a reliable and regular contributor, we may invite you to work on campaigns for our F500 clients and agency partners - building your career profile and earning an income. 

We are especially keen if you hail from India, China, Korea, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, the UK, Scandinavia, Germany, France, Australia, South Africa, the UAE. 

        We will
  • help you"see" the world through many lenses.
  • train you to read and interpret emerging trends.
  • connect you to our power network of game-changers and innovators.
            You will
  • work with the smartest people on earth.
  • build skills to remain ahead and relevant in a world of accelerating change. 
  • have fun. 

So what are you waiting for? Click now to join us!

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